Fix Windows Server Update for VPN, RDP and RRAS Connections

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Major issues with recent updates

Connectivity issues are arising for VPN and RDP on servers with Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) enabled. RRAS allows additional TCP connection and routing features, such as remote access or site-to-site connectivity using a VPN. The recent update by Microsoft is ‘Windows Server 2019 2012 R2 KB5014746’. This however, is creating freezes, which can only be cured via uninstalling the update.

How to fix

Microsoft haven’t officially confirmed the issue, so the only current fix is to uninstall. This can be done by admins using the below commands:

Fix Windows Server Update for VPN, RDP and RRAS Connections, Screwloose IT

Please be aware however, this will increase the security risk as it also uninstalls recent bug and vulnerability patches. Unfortunately, if it’s absolutely necessary to receive RDP and VPN connections to servers, you don’t really have any other choice.

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