Holistic Cybersecurity for Education Institutions

A strong cyber security service can be the difference between the ongoing success or failure of your business. With cyber crime rates on a sharp rise, now is the time to invest in protecting your online assets. Our Cyber Security services can provide holistic security measures for any school or education facility.

The Cybersecurity Challenge Schools are Facing

When it comes to the day-to-day operations that schools experience, the biggest anomaly is the rate of turnover.
Every year, semester, month, and/or week, schools deal with turnover. Teaching turnover, staff turnover, administrative turnover; but most notably, student turnover.This creates a problem for schools because they still have some duty to protect the data of graduated students. Schools also have to absorb the new expense of the incoming class.

74% of campus leaders report
that recruiting IT staff presents a moderate to severe challenge
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$1.42 million is the average cost
to remediate a ransomware attack in higher education
15% increase in weekly
cyberattacks, averaging 2,507 per campus

Common Cybersecurity Threats Targeting Educational Institutions



Phishing attacks involve fraudulent emails and websitesthat trick faculty members or students into disclosing login credentials, financial information, or downloading malicious attachments which leads to unauthorized access to sensitive data, financial losses, and damaged reputation



Ransomware encrypts vital data and demands ransom for its release, while malware infiltrates networks and systems, stealing or destroying sensitive information and resulting in operational disruptions, loss of data, financial burdens, and legal ramifications.


Data Loss

Data loss can occur due to hardware failure, accidental deletion, or cyber-attacks aimed at destroying or stealing student information resulting in disrupted operations, customer dissatisfaction, lost intellectual property, legal liabilities, and even business closure.


User Risk

Cybersecurity incidents are often caused by human errors such as weak passwords, and clicking on malicious links. Inadequate security practices put sensitive data at risk,leading to financial losses, damaged reputation, and lossof competitive advantage.

Holistic Protection. Hassle-Free. Cost-Effective.

Security in our DNA

At our core, we care about keeping you safe. We look into all possible areas of concern, from easy-to-spot issues to hidden dangers. This includes everything, from information that’s accidentally been made public, to the potential loss of important data. We actively take steps to secure every possible entry point, thus minimizing the risk of a cyber attack.

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Email Security

Stay ahead of potential email threats by leveraging a user-friendly API-based active protection


Cloud Data

Enable cloud data protection to achieve a safe and secure data collaboration with external users


Awareness Training

Equip employees to be the first line of defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats


External Risk

Gain actionable insights on external threats by scanning digital footprint and exposed vulnerabilities


Endpoint Security

Protect laptops, and desktops from cyber threats such as malware, and ransomware


Secure Browsing

Keep your browser secure with the Guardz extension for protection against viruses and malicious sites


Phishing Simulation

Continually simulating cyber attacks like phishing emails to highlight weak spots



Transfer the cyber risk associated with evolving cyber threats with tailored coverage at the right price

Simplicity at the Core

We employ enterprise-grade technology to simplify and streamline the day-to-day work. Our unified platform and onboarding process, seamlessly detects, prevents, and responds to cyber threats in the most holistic, hassle-free, and cost-effective way

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Take Your Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Bridging Cybersecurity Gaps in Education

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While your teachers and faculty members have relatively low turnover, they require dependable security solutions as they have the most interaction with the student body. By implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, faculty member’s can be assured that they have taken the best steps towards a safe and secure school environment for old, new and existing members.


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Phishing attacks pose a significant threat to students, especially on social media. This can be addressed
by raising awareness, and educating students on how to recognize and react to phishing emails protecting them from inadvertently disclosing private information.

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The administration office demands exceptional protection. In the event of a hacker gaining access to an admin account , it could result in severe consequences for the school and jeopardize their reputation. Therefore keeping this data safe should be first priority. By adopting a holisitic cybersecurity solution and ensuring awareness, the department can have peace of mind that important school data is protected from the inside out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Cyber Security Services cover?

Comprehensive coverage and integration of your online cloud environment. Quarterly Reports showcasing blocked threats and any threat blocking actions actioned on your behalf. Custom Phishing campaigns run against organizations with reports showcasing outcomes.

To prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive information and disrupting your business operations. Cybersecurity services help safeguard against cyber attacks that can compromise your data integrity and business continuity.

Cyber threats can lead to data theft, operational disruptions, and financial harm. Cybersecurity services defend against these risks by fortifying data security, detecting potential threats early, and educating users on safe practices.

Our plans start from as little as $15 + GST per user per month for monitoring only and go up to $30 + GST per user per month for a complete 24/7 Managed Cyber Solution.