Xenserver Import XVA from Network Share

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I was updating our servers to Xenserver 6.5 the other night and i was trying to work out the fastest way of importing some machines i exported. And it seems that xe vm-import is the way to do it.


1) do a xe sr-list and note the UUID of the SR you wish to import the VM in to.

2) Make a mount point your goint to mount to mkdir /tmp/cifsmount

3) mount –t cifs //<IP or FQDN of target machine>/share /tmp/cifsmount –o username=user,password=<password>

4) Check you did it right with a ls /tmp/cifsmount

You should see something with the file name you want to import.

[root@xenserver5 ~]# ls /tmp/cifmount
New Text Document.txt SL-MEL-RMM.xva

5) then start the import like so

xe vm-import filename=/tmp/cifmount/SL-MEL-RMM.xva sr-uuid=

This was using 450mbps of the NIC when i check it. 

This imported a 43.7 GB files in 14:20