XenServer Guest VM time issues

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I was working on some server today and noticed that the time was off. I resynced the time to the dc and then shortly after it was wrong again. I have seen this sort of thing when the Xenserver clock was arong. I checked the clock on the Xenserver and it was correct. It seems that only 2 guests were effected. I found this Artical and it seemed to fix. The command in the artical is listed as xe-param-set platform:timeoffset= it should be xe vm-param-set platform:timeoffset=



xe vm-param-set platform:timeoffset=39918 uuid=3ab87aa4-08b1-5fe0-5dde-43c79d3d2c29

I first did xe vm-list name-label=vmTest-002 params=name-label,platform on a vm that had the correct time and took note of the time offset value then transferred it to the 2 other effected vm’s.