How structured data richly enhances your SEO?

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Structured data helps your website communicate with search engines. Together, Google, Bing and Yahoo have been developing this vocabulary of information to better understand websites. When search engines have a better understanding of your site and webpages, they appear in higher rankings. However, the ultimate goal of structured data, is to feature in rich results. While it’s impossible to guarantee this, most websites appearing in rich results utilise some form of structured data.

What is a rich result?

A rich result, is a search engine result that includes extra information about your website and business. Because it contains more information, it can appear in more places and give users a more comprehensive overview of your webpage. Today, there are over a dozen types of rich results. From FAQ snippets to products, rich results guarantee higher website traffic. For a full list of rich search results explore Google’s search gallery.

Example of a rich result for a product:

How structured data richly enhances your SEO?, Screwloose IT

Enhancing SEO

The goal of SEO is to get your website in front of as many relevant users as possible. For an overview of SEO, please read what is SEO and why is it important. Rich search results not only improve your impressions (views of your website in the search results) but also CTR (click through rate). Why? Because rich results are far more attractive than a standard search result. As an example, FAQ rich results hold an average click through rate of 87%. To put this in perspective, the average Google Ads campaign will have a CTR of around 2%.

But such power is not easy to attain. Implementing structured data is highly technical and requires a solid foundation of SEO on your website. However, the benefits are well worth the time and resources invested.