What is remarketing?

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Collect powerful data through your website

The centre point of digital marketing, your website has extraordinary capabilities for collecting incredibly useful data to enhance your paid marketing. Advertising platforms, including all social media channels provide us with snippets of code that can be installed on your site to track user behaviour. These codes are commonly referred to as ‘cookies’, where users are tagged and then followed through their online journey. Specifically, the data collected includes the exact page or set of pages they visited on your site. If your website uses a social media platform to market its services, especially through paid means, you will benefit immensely from collecting data and remarketing.

What is remarketing?

Data sent from Google to your chosen advertising platform forms the basis of remarketing. It simply means retargeting a user with a highly specific ad using data collection, most commonly through a website. Have you ever wondered, how a company’s website you visited, is serving you an ad on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn of that exact car you were looking to buy? Remarketing is the answer. Remarketing aims to convert missed opportunities, opportunities that you have worked hard to drive all the way to your website but have not converted to becoming a lead, or better yet a customer.

Why use remarketing strategies?

Conversion rates are generally low, less than 2% for most websites. That means 98% of visitors need an extra nudge to make that final step. An adjusted call to action, urgency or incentive delivered through a different platform can often be the difference. In addition, remarketing campaigns are highly cost-effective and deliver higher ROI than standard advertising. A remarketing campaign will often hold a higher conversion rate than any other paid campaign. You are targeting people who you know already have some level of interest in your business, meaning a higher conversion rate and better ROI on your advertising spend. The cost of remarketing is also lower than a standard campaign because you’ve already done the hard work. Let’s take the example of a local online clothing business using Facebook to serve ads tweaked to their target audience:

  • Living in Western Australia
  • Between the ages of 16-35
  • Interested in surfing, skating, BMX etc.
  • Total estimated audience: 250’000

Facebook: “That’s great, but we’re having to do all the work here to find people matching your description using our data”. This type of targeting is great for driving traffic, but cost is at a premium as Facebook is doing the hard work. Now take the same business, who have correctly set up data systems on their website to serve ads to:

  • All users visiting website in last 90 days
  • Total estimated audience: 11’000

This method produces a lower cost because your data has done the hard work. A smaller target audience reduces bid competition by not competing with hundreds of other businesses for the same piece of attention. A win-win for business of all shapes and sizes.

Remarketing solutions

If you own a website, your remarketing possibilities are limitless. Most social media and advertising platforms own snippets of code allowing for the collection and use of powerful data. Our marketing team have extensive experience marketing across a wide variety of channels.

Contact us to start remarketing for your business today.