What is cloud backup and why is it so important?

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What is cloud backup?

The Cloud backup refers to the on-demand delivery of computing resources and services over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. Essentially, when something is in the “cloud” it means that it being stored on web/internet servers. As opposed to on your physical computer or a physical server. The cloud represents a shared pool of various resources and services used for storing, managing, and processing data that can be accessed via the web. Cloud computing allows you to eliminate the unnecessary costs associated with building and maintaining on-premises IT infrastructure.

Cloud backup (online backup) is essentially, storing a copy of a businesses data and sending it to another location offsite. In the event that if the business technology infrastructure and data is compromised, you can restore information, ensure business continuity, and defend against devastating IT events.

Why is cloud backup so important?

Surprisingly, backup is one of the things which businesses begrudge paying for. Businesses don’t see why it is necessary or think the expense isn’t worth it. They may backup locally and don’t see the point in having another however it is incredibly important and here is why !

  1. Constantly protecting your data as if you only backup locally what if the place was to burn down? Or the physical device was to be break? Cloud backup can be accessible from anywhere at any time on demand
  2. Can be rapidly recovered in case of a disaster, generally faster compared with other backup alternatives
  3. Cost effective as backing up to the cloud is fairly inexpensive
  4. Keeping data off-site provides an advanced level of security and data protection as no matter what happens you have a copy of all data
  5. The backup process is completely automatic. You only need to configure which files should be backed up and how often the jobs should run. After that the process is automatic to the schedule you have set
  6. Easy scalability, adjusting up or down depending on data volume at any point in time

Switch to cloud before its too late!

With businesses increasingly moving to cloud operations it makes sense to have your critical data stored in the cloud. Even more so, as a cost effective and secure backup location.

Not sure what your business is doing to backup your critical information? Only backing up locally? Get in touch with Host One today to discuss your options !