What is branding and Why is it important?

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A brand is a set of perceptions people have about your business. While branding is the collective marketing effort involved in shaping these perceptions. The goal, to create a unique feeling and trust about your business in customers minds. When someone sees or hears about your business, what do they think? Successful branding results in customers immediately identifying your businesses products and services as well as its trust and reputation. If you have a business, you have a brand.

Benefits of branding

A business with a strong brand is supported at every level. From better customer service and recruitment, to more leads and higher sales conversions. Creating an emotional connection with your customers will mean your business is far more resilient and valuable. Successful branding benefits your business by forming:

  • Trust: Customers and prospects alike already know your business. They recognise your logo/business name and believe you’re able to deliver on your promises.
  • Reputation: You are not only trusted, but have a level of quality. People know what you deliver and how you deliver it.
  • A unique position: You’re different to your competition, your business is memorable and creates a deeper connection with its customers.

Your brand strategy

Involves every touch point a customer will ever have with your business. From a conversation, email and social post to your website or physical location. Each touch point, needs to provide the same messaging and feelings about your business. This is especially important for your digital assets, where customers will move from one touchpoint to another very quickly. Providing people with a smooth customer journey is key, constantly reinforcing your branding and values. A successful brand strategy includes:

  • Clear messaging
  • A unique voice
  • Trust and value creation
  • An emotional connection
  • Consistentency

Think about your brand

At the end of the day, your brand is a reflection of your business. If you wouldn’t give your customers a poor experience with a product or service, why would you give them a poor experience on your website or social media? It’s important to understand, everyone is different. Some people prefer to call, others to email. Someone might like to research your company on Google, another might prefer to check your socials. As long as you’re delivering value wherever your business is visible, you will build a strong brand.

At Host One, we specialise in branding through strategic digital marketing. Creating a unique trusted brand identity that connects you with your audience and enables you to further your business objectives.

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