What is an SSL certificate and what is the business impact?

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What is an SSL certificate and what is the business impact?, Screwloose IT

If you’ve ever received one of these, then you’ve encountered an ‘unsecure’ website with a missing SSL certificate. You might also notice the website is miss the ‘s’ from https:// and appears as http://. The extra ‘s’ and resulting security certificate is given to websites that have secured their users data.

What’s the business impact of an SSL certificate?

Your website was designed to sell. The biggest factor in making a sale (or lead) is trust. If your website isn’t secure, your site users will know about it. Why would a customer risk their personal and/or financial information for you? Google knows this too, that’s why they penalise sites missing their SSL certificate. So if you want people to trust your business, take meaningful actions and remain visible, it’s important to maintain your security certification.

What is SSL?

Secure sockets layer, or SSL creates an encrypted link between your device and the website you’re visiting. It does this by scrambling the data transmitted between the two locations using cryptography. Whenever anyone browses the internet, their data is being transmitted from one location to another, including every website you visit. So it’s important you’re protecting your users information. That’s why Google and other search engines are quick to notify people of an unprotected site.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

SSL doesn’t just protect your website, but also your emails and other online applications. There’s also a few different types of certificates you could be eligible for. Contact our IT team to discuss your website and securing your user data.