Website redesign: is it worth it?

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A website redesign realigns your business goals and objectives online. At the end of the day, your website is just another salesperson in your sales team. With a big difference, it operates 24/7 and doesn’t even take a break on public holidays. Sounds pretty good right? The problem is, your website doesn’t automatically keep up with your business. As you add new products, new services, new support and more resources, it falls behind. That’s not even mentioning the increasing power in choices and information your customers have at their finger tips …

Knowledge is power

Sadly for business owners and marketers alike, the pendulum continues to swing increasingly in favour of the customer. The problem is, they can find a dozen businesses with the same solution your offering. They can assess and make a judgement of your reputation from numerous sources. And they can do it all of within a matter of minutes. The result, an incredibly knowledgeable customer with the tools to get the right solution, at the right price from the right supplier.

Give power to your website

Realign your website with your business goals and objectives. A redesign is an opportunity to focus on what’s important to your business. Making sure your website is perfectly positioned to sell. How do I make my website sell? Websites that sell are cooked with the key ingredients your customer needs to make a buying decision, but also prepared with the tools it needs to be found. The most important areas a website redesign addresses is:

  • SEO: A website redesign lets you refocus your sites visibility. Ensuring you start ranking for the keywords your customers are using in Google.
  • Responsiveness: A big part of making a sale is customer experience. Faster websites that are easy to navigate and understand, provide the perfect platform for your customer to make that phone call, email or purchase on your site.
  • Authority: A big part of authority comes from the sites design. Websites that have invested in the experience of their customers are more trusted. Not even mentioning including key elements like reviews, testimonials and blogs to build all important trust.
  • Sales language: If your website uses a lot of words like our, we, [business name] etc. then you’ve got a big problem. Customers don’t care about you, they care about their problem. Talk about their, problem and give them a solution, using their own perspective.

Website redesign – worth it

A website redesign brings everything together. Ensuring you have a professional, visible, structurally sound and trusted website that delivers on your business goals and objectives.

How much does a website redesign cost? Contact our team to discuss your business goals and how to best align your site to achieve them.