Telstra ISDN Shutdown

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We have been getting a lot of calls form customers lately about the Telstra ISDN shutdown that has started in September and what it means for them. A lot of customers are saying sales people are telling they they MUST change their phone system to be NBN compatible at a big unexpected cost to them.

This is not true. While there are benefits to changing a phone system some times there is no need to. If you want to keep your existing phone system with ISDN or even PSTN (Plan old Telephone Network) you can simply use a ATA (gateway) to connect SIP or VOIP lines to your already existing ISDN or PSTN phone systems.

A simple box like the below TB 400 will do 4 ISDN lines (8 channels) and has  a cost of $898.00 or a 2 line ISDN (4channels) is only $598

Telstra ISDN Shutdown, Screwloose IT

There are also ATA’s for connecting ISDN / PSTN to 4G simcards.

If you have any questions please email or call 03 90957290 and we can tailor a solution to your needs.