Varnish Cache Commands

How to reload Varnish config while varnish running. # varnishadm 200 —————————– Varnish Cache CLI 1.0 —————————– -sfile,-smalloc,-hcritbit Type ‘help’ for command list. Type ‘quit’ to close CLI session. vcl.load newconfig /etc/varnish/default.vcl vcl.use newconfig quit 500 Closing CLI connection # top IP addresses varnishtop -i TxHeader -I ‘^X-Forwarded-For:’ # which pages the IP address […]

Varnishlog Error – _.vsm: No such file or directory

# /usr/bin/varnishlog Cannot open /usr/local/var/varnish/test-varnish/_.vsm: No such file or directory If you get this error chances are you have both a source and packaged based install. remove both of them. yum remove varnish Then go into your source directory make uninstall Then re-install varnish again from the repo yum install varnish

Install Varnish 3.0 with VSF (Varnish Security Firewall) on centos 6

Just finished setting up our cluster of varnish servers and its working nicely. Using lsyncd to replicate the varnish configs, but thats for another post. Here is a step by step on howto install varnish with VSF (Varnish Security Firewall) on centos 6. If have already installed varnish then be sure to uninstall it before […]