LibreNMS Freeswitch agent-local

I had a few issues getting the freeswitch agent-local to work. In the end the fix was simple. The FSCLI path was wrong in the /opt/librenms-agent/agent-local/freeswitch file. I found the correct path by running find / -name fs_cli and editing the FSCLI=/usr/bin/fs_cli to be correct.   Update: If you would like the Apache Status to work add the following […]

Fanvil Park Slots BLF

I installed some new Fanvil X5 Phones at a customer and i needed to have some BLF keys as Park Slots and Presence for them. If you set the DSS key to memory Then put in “park+*5901” in the value and set the SubType to BLF/New Call.   All done.