Add Exchange mail box disabling the auto mapping in outlook.

Outlook 2010 has this cool feature that auto maps the mailboxes that you have full access to. But some times you want to have access to everyone email but not have them taking up space on your outlook.   This command will add full access for to everyone but the Admin mail box.  Get-Mailbox -ResultSize […]

Exchange 2010 Missing Server configuration in EMC?

I was using outlook locally on a Exchange server. (i know not a good idea)  Anyway if you are going to use it to access a mail box DON’T click the remember password. If not next time you log in to the Exchange Management Console it will log on with those credentials and you wont be able to manage […]

Outlook still autodiscovering BPOS after moving off it.

We moved a customer from BPOS (Telstra Hosted Exchange) to our own managed exchange. After hours of backing up mail boxes and restoring (due to the bpos platform being slow) and reseting up the profiles on the local pc i found the autodiscover kept prompting for a username and password for the bpos servers. ( […]