Cisco Router 3G 4G Modem Firmware upgrade

SCREWLOOSE IT technical document

Initiate a modem firmware upgrade using the microcode reload command. Ex : Router# microcode reload cellular 0 lte modem-provision flash:<directory>? Router# microcode reload cellular 0 0 modem-provision flash: TELSTRA_MC7304_05.05.58.00 Reload microcode? [confirm] Log status of firmware download in router flash?[confirm] Firmware download status will be logged in usbflash0:fwlogfile Microcode Reload Process launched for hwic slot=0; […]

Cisco IOS Port forward Range

SCREWLOOSE IT technical document

Port forwarding on Cisco IOS devices can be a bit tricky but here is a easy way to do it. is the server you want to port forward to. (You need to have this in twice for the NAT Pool) ip nat pool POOL1 netmask type rotary ip nat inside destination […]

Reset AP in 887VAW

If you need to get access to the AP in a 887VAW but don’t know the password you can always   service-module wlan-ap 0 reset default-config   It will reset it back to factory defaults.

Cisco Router Secuirty

Cisco Routers are cool but i have been finding a few issues with DDOS attacks of late. Mainly DNS and NTP. DNS DDOS access-list 153 remark Block DOS DNS access-list 153 permit ip host any – Replace this with the DNS server your using access-list 153 deny tcp any any eq domain access-list 153 […]

Linksys / Cisco Dial Plans

Just a quick post. Put in a SRP527W for a customer that is using the AT for cordless phones. To make the phone dial quicker i changed  the dial plan to (*xxS0|000S0|<:03>[4689]xxxxxxxS0|13[1-9]xxx S0|1300xxxxxxS0|1800xxxxxxS0|0[2478]xxxxxxxxS0|0011xxxxxx.|09xxxxxxS0) It also add’s a 03 for local numbers. (For the SIP providers that need it)