Roquefort Therapeutics: New website

Table of Contents

A publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, Roquefort Therapeutics develop pharmaceutical products in the pre-clinical phase. With some exciting drug developments on their books, they needed a sleek new website to deliver critical investor news and information.

It was a pleasure working with a team of experienced senior executives on developing this new web design, complete with a London Stock Exchange integration.

Roquefort Therapeutics: New website, Screwloose IT

Together our teams create an optimised website, which included:

  • Home
  • About us
    • Board & Senior management
    • Our strategy
  • Midkine
    • What is Midkine
    • Extensive research
    • Drug development
    • International collaborations
  • Investors
    • Regulatory news
    • Share capital information
    • Corporate governance
    • Advisors
  • Corporate documents
    • Shareholder documents
    • Financial reports
    • Presentations
    • Research reports
  • Contact

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