Private Cloud Hosting Services

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What is private cloud hosting?

Secure your organisations valuable data, information and applications in a virtual cloud dedicated to your business. At their core, cloud servers are a piece of cloud computing, which creates access to data and programs via the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

There are two main methods to achieve cloud hosting, in-house or hosted at a providers data centre. The latter is by far the most preferred as it requires no large upfront capital expenditure and allows for a fixed cost monthly lease of the virtual cloud real estate.

Private vs. public cloud hosting

A public cloud is the most common type of cloud deployment, requiring access to your account via a web browser. This type of cloud shares hardware, storage and network device real estate across multiple ‘tenants’, and as a result can have varied accessibility and performance. An example of a popular public cloud host is Microsoft Azure.

The alternative, a private cloud, is a server dedicated to your organisation through a private network. This approach creates an added level of security, customisation and control. Organisations will also benefit from greater reliability as the network is not shared across multiple clients.

Advantages of a private cloud

Each private cloud is created unique to a specific business requirement(s). As a result, private cloud hosting offers incredible levels of flexibility and scalability while providing control and security simultaneously. Cloud solutions are usually offered on a pay-per-use model at a fixed monthly cost. Benefit from an architected solution for your organisation:

  • Security: As the name suggests, the hosting is private with the server environment not being shared with anyone else, creating an incredibly secure network on multiple levels.
  • Customisable: Since you are the only business on a server, the options can be tailored to your needs, including server hardware, software, operating system and much more.
  • Performance: Private cloud hosting delivers high levels of reliability as there are no other shared sites within your server to affect performance.
  • Disaster proof: Data and applications stored virtually have multiple levels of redundancy available for selection to your specific requirements. This minimises the risk of disasters and information is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-class private cloud hosting

As a hosting solutions provider for over a decade, Screwloose IT’s own considerable local hosting infrastructure in Australia. Our server footprint gives you the choice to host in many locations right across Australia to suit your needs. Thus, provisioning a virtual server is fast and effective wherever you may be located.

A Perth-based team are ready to support any implementation and migration questions, driving value with solutions at a fundamental level. Switch to Screwloose IT’s secure environment and benefit from:

  • Local support for cloud implementation and migration
  • Identify value-based solutions that support your operations
  • Customisable, flexible and scalable private cloud hosting for data, email and applications
  • Fixed monthly price with no upfront cost
  • Highly secure networks with private links to your cloud
  • Continual monitoring and performance checking

With enterprise class network isolation, your private cloud is amongst the most secure in the world.

Contact us to create a solution for your business today.