Prevention is better than cure

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Do you monitor server health at the moment? Your server is one of your most important assets, so it makes sense to check its pulse regularly to ensure its heart is beating strong. Remember what the doctors are fond of saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. With that in mind we look at several ways you can use cloud-based server and workstation monitoring software, to have a happy, long-lived and problem free system.

Daily health checks do not have to be a chore

Good monitoring software can check server health in seconds. The checks performed can be customized and may also include all of your workstations, giving you a complete picture of your network health. The software should monitor disk space, and check Windows® services are running, analyze physical disk performance, as well as check scheduled backups and antivirus software updates are current.

Because this process is entirely automated, no time is lost manually performing checks or hunting for potential problems or errors. This frees up time for your IT resources, making your IT department more efficient and productive.

Have a health plan that grows with you

Organizations today demand far more from their IT. As you add applications and software into your system to cope with increased demands, will your server and workstations be able to handle the strain? By using good monitoring software you can ensure they will.

During the installation on new computers, good monitoring software will automatically determine and install the right set of pre-configured checks, allowing you to monitor your system effectively as it grows.

In addition, as your organization grows, you might have more staff working remotely, who still need to be monitored to ensure their laptops remain in optimal health. Good software that can monitor server and workstation health should allow you to do this from a single console, enabling you to spot potential problems from anywhere, and at anytime.

Be proactive when you monitor server health

You can spot problems before they occur through customized alerts, allowing you to maximize server and workstation uptime. This greatly reduces the strain on IT departments as they are notified of potential problems before they become critical. Often, they only receive a support call when something ceases to operate. That results in time wasted gathering information about the fault and diagnosing it.

Using software to monitor server health you will know exactly how your system is performing and can quickly take remedial action. This allows IT staff to funnel their resources into dealing with more pressing issues and tasks. In addition, alerts can be sent by email or as text messages and a cloud-based network monitoring solution allows your IT team to log in and respond from any location.

By continually monitoring your network and eliminating problems before they occur, you are able to keep productivity and performance across your network at optimal levels. Remedial actions, such as remote server reboots or automatic Windows services restarts, can provide rapid solutions to problems.

Perhaps it is time to get your system into the gym. Don’t let your system get lazy and develop problems that are expensive and take time to fix. Instead monitor server health in a proactive way to ensure your system stays fighting fit and productive.