Managed IT Services VS Break/Fix Support

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What You Need To Know!  

It’s often confusing for businesses to know the different kinds of services and what best suits their needs. For this reason, I thought I would highlight the difference between Managed IT service contracts and a break/fix contract. 

Host One historically only offered break/fix agreements where some clients thought they were a fully managed customer. This is due to the fact that we often went way beyond the call of duty, taking care of all our clients with fanatical levels of customer service. With the business now growing considerably we have had to streamline our services offerings. Now with a clear divide between managed services and break/fix support.

Break/ Fix Agreement

On a break/fix agreement, this means you are in charge of your own IT. When you become stuck or when something breaks, you contact us for support. While for the most part, Host One do have a good insight into your infrastructure it is difficult to assume complete responsibility under a break/fix arrangement. In reality, this means all care but no actual responsibility. Your business simply contracts Host One to assist and when you need it and then bill you for the time. 

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is different. Basically, this is when you outsource your internal IT to Host One who then assume complete responsibility for your IT environment. This includes monitoring, anti-virus, ensuring optimal uptime and fixing anything required in the organisation which is part of a monthly contracted agreement. We have full transparency and control over your internal IT operations. We perform routine performance monitoring, audits and find ways to improve the systems from a holistic viewpoint. This is a fully managed IT agreement. 

Check Your Agreement!

Host one offers hosting services where you can essentially rent a server from us. This is an infrastructure only cost. If you rent a server but do not pay for management of the server then this means that you are renting the infrastructure only. Therefore, any support provided and the maintenance, uptime, performance monitoring etc is not the responsibility of Host One. 

Above all, if after reading this you have any questions surrounding your account please get in touch with me (Heather) to discuss your options today ! At Host One we really are a one stop shop offering the following all under one roof: 

  • VOIP Phone Services  
  • Website and SEO Services  
  • Managed IT Services  
  • Hosting Services