iPECS eMG80 Password Reset

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iPECS eMG80 web admin password reset

To reset the user, admin or maintenance level password to the default values. This
procedure has been available since software A.0Fc. To complete this you must
connect directly to the Serial port on the eMG80. This is for security reasons that this
procedure needs to be performed on-site.
The serial settings on your HyperTerminal session should be 115300 Baud, 8 data
bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
1. Connect your PC’s serial port to the eMG80 serial port with an appropriate
serial cable or serial converter.
2. Start a Telnet session with the settings above.
3. Press enter – you should get a similar prompt:-
iPECS eMG80 System
Version MPB/AU86M-1.0Jc JAN/15
Checksum: 0
Dsp Version: 1.6(14/02/25),(A-law)
DATE: 01/27/15
TIME: 15:40:51
You are on COM1
4. Type the password “jannie”, and press enter to access maint> mode,:-
5. To clear all admin and maintenance passwords, your only option, type:- ‘web
id reset’ and press enter:-
maint> web id reset
[0] Id[Maint] Level[10]=>[3] Reset!!!
Maint Level Reset end!!!
[0] Id[Maint] Pwd[*] Level[3:User] stn[0:0:0:0:0]
[1] Id[Admin] Pwd[*] Level[4:Admin] stn[0:0:0:0:0]
Display User Info end!!!
6. Finally exit the maintenance utility by typing:- x
maint> x
DATE: 1/27/15 TIME: 15:44:50
Exiting maintanence utility…

Earlier versions of <5.5 you could simply telnet into it via the MFIM IP, but this was a security issue, so its been restricted to serial only on 5.5+ system software.

The systems default IP address is / so your Ethernet card should be set to to ensure correct connectivity.

The default username is “admin” with a password of “1234”