Install Minicom on XCP

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Minicom is a serial communication program. It is a Unix clone of the well-known MS-DOS Telix program. It has ANSI color, a dialing directory, dial-a-list, and a scripting language.

Its handy to some times use the serial port on the Xenserver box.

To install minicom run

yum –enablerepo=base install minicom

and then run minicom -s (for setup and setup your serial port)
Here are my settings for getting in to a cisco router.

x A – Serial Device : /dev/ttyS0 x
x B – Lockfile Location : /var/lock x
x C – Callin Program : x
x D – Callout Program : x
x E – Bps/Par/Bits : 9600 8N1 x
x F – Hardware Flow Control : No x
x G – Software Flow Control : No x