How to brand MAV 6.2

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Hey Guys,

Since the introduction of MAV 6.2 they have taken away the ability for us to brand MAV.
Here is a workaround I came up with as so many people have requested it.

Please note that this modifies the resources of the files. Although changes no actual code, don’t expect it to be supported by GFI.
Another words, do this at your own risk!

First step, Install MAV on a development computer.
Then download and install Resource hacker from
Download and extract these files onto your local drive. MAV Branding Script
Finally, go into the C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent\managedav and copy SBRES_MAX_en-US.dll into the DLL directory in the MAV Branding\DLL folder
Go into the New directory and edit the files to your liking. Make sure to keep them in the same format and size.
Run the Branding.bat and it will generate a new DLL file
Stop the MAV service and replace the DLL file with the one generated.
Start the service back up again, log off and back on again so the tray process is restarted also.

Once you’ve tested, just replace the DLL file on your customers computers and the next time they restart you should have your branding.