Fanvil Click to Dial

I have been playing around with this for a while and i have managed to get this going. This is really just notes for me but it may have you too.

Install Chrome C2D URL

Then under options fill out the IP address and username and password (admin and admin by default)

Dial:  http://admin:admin@$phoneAddress/cgi-bin/;key=$number;ENTER

add key=HEADSET; to the beginning if you always want it to pick up the headset.

add key=SPEAKER; to the beginning if you always want it to pick up on Speaker.

Hangup:  http://admin:admin@$phoneAddress/cgi-bin/

I’m working on this plugin to clean it up a bit and remove the status as its not needed for this phone.


  • Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the information on this. I wondered if you did any further work on the plug-in? It’s a great feature to have. I’ve previously used the Windows Dialler (with SIP Tapi drivers) as well as PBX specific software (like FOP2 on FreePBX), but an add-in that talks directly to the handset is better for remote workers.
    All the best,

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