Dell computers at risk

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Security researchers at Eclysium uncovered a major security flaw with one of Dell’s software features earlier this week. BIOSConnect is a remote support software installed on most Windows-based Dell computers. The software feature allows for firmware updates and remote system recovery. According to researchers, the vulnerabilities in this software allows for the computer to be completely compromised. With attackers being able to target both the operating system recovery and updating processes.

Over 129 Dell models have been shipped with the compromised feature, affecting an estimated 30 million computers.

Secure your PC

While Dell have issued a number of patches (software fixes), the recommendation is to download and install these fixes on each local machine. Users who are unable to update the software, are advised to disable the BIOSConnect feature for the time being. If you are having issues with either disabling or updating the software, please contact our IT team for immediate support.

If you have a Managed IT Services plan with Host One, we will secure/update your PC for no additional charges. The security of your devices, data and information are of the utmost importance.