Crypto Virus’s doing the rounds again.

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Hi I have a important message for you. If you receive any emails claiming to be from Auspost NSW Roads or Westpac (to name a few) here are a few tips to stop you from download a virus.

1) Check the url or website address ip the top. This

2) Capture on sites. The Hackers are using these to avoid the automated system from checking if their is a virus hosted on this site. If it seems odd the page you have been sent to the chances are it its a trick.

3) Downloading a zip file with a .exe file in it. Running the application that’s in the zip file is a really bad idea.

If in doubt please forward the email to or call and ask. A quick phone call or email can save you big $$$and lots of time and stress too.


Other tip is also if you want to check if a logon site it real. Say a banking or facebook login. Enter a password that you know is wrong. if it lets you in you then the site is a fake.


Stay Safe online.