Cyber Security Services

Safeguard your IT estate with our range of Cyber Security Solutions
Protect your business from unexpected disasters with comprehensive backup strategies.


Safeguard your IT estate with our range of Security Solutions.

Assess your risk, understand the cyber threats you face, and implement coherent cyber security. As your trusted and discreet security partner, we work in partnership to protect your infrastructure, systems, and assets to make your job easier.

Our service is dedicated to addressing your concerns and priorities. Get peace of mind that your IT estate is protected from the latest cyber threats, malware and phishing attempts; achieve your cyber goals in the most efficient way.

Screwloose IT's Cybersecurity solutions include:
  • Complete protection- to shield your business from malware and hackers.
  • Virtual Private Networks - that allow for highly secure access to your network from remote locations.
  • Email and network encryption - to protect your privacy.
  • Rapid response times - Our technicians are standing by ready to assist with all your technical issues in a timely manner.
  • Compliance management - We update your systems regularly to ensure your business is always compliant with regulations.

Our combination of data security and malware removal tools ensures your office technology has more protection than it’s ever had before.


Chadwick Forklifts engaged Screwloose as our IT tech support providers just over 12 months ago & we couldn't be happier with their service. Alex & his team are second to none with their technical knowledge & backup support.

Cliff Chadwick


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