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A clever person solves a problem. A wise person AVOIDS it. A Programmer simply buries it behind 12 layers of code, to make it someone elses problem!Ezer CohenSenior Developer

Ezer is our Senior Developer, with a degree in computer science, specialising in application programming and software. He allocates a significant portion of him time writing custom codes and scripts for clients, providing niche solutions to challenging issues. Ezer has been in the IT industry for around a decade and has had ample exposure to creating and editing e-commerce and CRM platforms, as well as POS and custom content management systems. He has a great degree of specialisation in Unix and Linux system administration, PHP, SQL, C++, JavaScript, python, and dart.

During his free time, he acts as a Dungeon Master for his Dungeons and Dragons group and enjoys spending weekends camping with his wife.